Worst Games of All Time – Sega Consoles

Worst Games of All Time – Sega Consoles

Worst games for Sega? You got it!

Sega was once a major player in the video game console market. In fact, the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) sold over 35 million units with Sonic the Hedgehog selling over 15 million copies for the platform! However, today we are only here to address one thing… What are the worst games to have been released on all of the Sega consoles? 

Sega Master System

Let’s start with the Sega Master System… The Master System housed a great library of games that included Sonic, Phantasy Star, Afterburner and more, with titles like this Sega had themselves a solid starter console that wasn’t to be trifled with. Of course, the console got a lot of attention by gamer’s and publishers a-like and some publishers are just there to cash in on a popular name.

This is where ALF comes into the picture… ALF was a ‘game’ based on the television series called… ALF. Not surprisingly, this was the only game to be released on home consoles based on the series… The objective of the game was to locate parts with which to repair Alf’s spaceship.



When purchasing a game such as this, you would expect to get a couple of hours gameplay at the very least right? Well, Not in the world of Alf. Alf gave us eye spinning graphics, terrible music and bad gameplay all around. On top of this (and with no exaggeration) the whole game could be completed within a matter of minutes.

Dis-honourable mentions: LJN Games, Mortal Kombat, Home Alone.

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

The Sega Mega Drive, like the NES had a huge library of games and it wasn’t shy to go head to head with the Super Nintendo. The console offered 16-bit graphics and was arguably the console that started the Bit Wars.

The Mega Drive gave us some fantastic titles and some legendary platformers… (Among a number of terrible ones) However, one platformer for the Mega Drive stands out in a pretty bad way. This is Dark Castle.

Armed with just a small bag of rocks you venture forth to take on the Black Knight. As silly as the plot sounds, it isn’t the worst part. The biggest problem with Dark Castle has to be the slow, unbelievably frustrating controls but, it doesn’t end there…

Poor level design, sound and an unrelenting difficulty level set the game apart as something else entirely. See it for yourself below

Dis-honourable mentions: LJN Games, Crazy Bus, Batman Forever.

Sega Saturn

Arguably, the Sega Saturn was the worst of the home-consoles released by Sega. Personally, however, I loved the Saturn… Panzer Dragoon, for example, kept me entertained for hours! Unfortunately, though, the Saturn used disc-based games… Of course, Disc’s were a great leap for the gaming industry in the long run but in the early days, let’s just say some games didn’t cut it.

Battle Monsters was the holy grail of the games that ‘didn’t cut it’ and is without a doubt one of the worst fighting games ever made to this day.

This sorry excuse for a fighting game was released in 1995. (That’s 3 years after Street Fighter 2 was released for the SNES!). The graphics and animation given the release date are amongst the worst I have ever seen in a fighting game. But, the game didn’t just look bad… Controlling each character is a real chore, there are two attack buttons and two different types of jumps providing very little variety… If you thought the lack of controls would make the game simpler or easier to play, you are wrong. Somehow, even with only 2 attack buttons, it is near impossible to play effectively. You will be left in a mass state of confusion.

Dis-honourable mentions: Interactive Movie Games… Actua Soccer, Street Fighter: The Movie.

Sega Dreamcast

Sega’s last console was released in 1998 (1999 out of Japan). When released the Dreamcast was said to be way ahead of its time and is personally my favourite games console to date.

The Dreamcast was the first console to offer 128 bit graphics and online play so it is no surprise that some world class games erected from the console. What is surprising is that there aren’t that many REALLY bad Dreamcast games… (Though it did have a reasonably small library of games in comparison to other consoles)

This said, however, there is one game that comes to mind over all others when the words ‘Dreamcast‘ and ‘worst game‘ are brought up… That’s right, I’m talking about Soul Fighter.

Interestingly, I think the idea behind Soul Fighter was a good one. The notion of a Golden Axe-like game in 3D had enormous appeal… In the end though, the idea didn’t come together very well and thanks to tedious gameplay, bad controls and camera angle issues actually playing Soul Fighter is nothing more than a chore.

So, would Soul Fighter be a good game if the controls were that of a real fighting game? Well, with some tweaks to the game I’d like to think so but chances are we’ll never know. I do have to give credit where it’s due though, despite having a number of rendering issues on top of what is already mentioned the game has no issues with lag or stutter which is very surprising.

Dis-honourable mentions: Spec Ops: Omega Squad, Urban Chaos, Soul Fighter, Space Griffon.

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What do you think where the worst Sega games? Anything you disagree on? Or do you agree entirely? Let us know in the comments section and while you’re at it why not check out the Worst Games for Nintendo Consoles?!

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