Weapons to Loot in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer

Weapons to Loot in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is winding down, and players are about to begin Season 15. While Bungie still has one trick up their sleeve, this season has nothing left to give. With the Witch Queen expansion slated for early 2022, players now have about half a year to collect the best and most desired rolls of this and past season’s weapons. What’s the rush here? Well, Bungie plans to vault all of the season’s content a year after an expansion launches. Seasonal weapons won’t be here forever, so here is a list of weapons to loot in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer. While many players will already have some of these guns, the list also includes weapons players might be sleeping on or that will be useful in light of future changes.

Ignition Code

Oh boy, where do we begin with this weapon? Ignition Code is a kinetic breech grenade launcher, meaning it deals bonus damage against unshielded enemies and bosses. This grenade launcher is the only one to have slideshot, the most powerful perk on this weapon. While all weapons have a cooldown on receiving ammo while sliding with this perk, this one is an exception. Every slide will always load another grenade, so players lob grenade after grenade with each slide. For clearing red bar enemies, the perks Blinding Grenades and Demolitionist make good work of them. Blinded enemies can’t fight back, and Demolitionist give back grenade energy on kill, a must-have for grenade and charged-with-light builds. For bosses, Spike grenades and Vorpal Weapon increases direct impact and boss damage, perfect for sustained damage.

Chroma Rush

Chroma Rush is a rapid-fire kinetic 720 RPM auto rifle. Because of its archetype, Chroma Rush has a large magazine, holding 60+rounds with the right perks and mods, great for killing hoards of enemies. Feeding Frenzy and Rampage/Kill Clip are the go-to for this weapon in PVE. Deal more damage after each kill and reload lighting fast. Subsistence and Rampage is also a great combo. Who needs to reload when kills grant ammo directly to the magazine? Make sure to grab tactical or Appended mag for more ammo. Even this gun in PVP has some good options against guardians. Tunnel Vision or Heating Up makes landing shots after each kill much, much easier, and Rampage pairs nicely to make follow-up kills quicker and smoother.

Shayura’s Wrath

Continuing with PVP weapons, Shayura’s Wrath is a top-tier SMG in the Crucible and even a good option in Trials of Osiris. This energy SMG fires at 750 RPM, but what makes this SMG standout from other ones is that the zoom level is higher than average for a SMG. In Destiny 2, how far a weapon zooms-in while aiming down sights determines a gun’s damage falloff in addition to its range stat. Thus, Shayura’s Wrath, by default, deals more damage over range than any other SMG in the entire game. The perks this gun can roll are excellent and allows for many combinations. To get the most out of this gun’s range capabilities, Killing Wind and Tap the Trigger both extends the range as well as handling speed and stability. Replace Killing Wind with Dynamic Sway Reduction for max recoil control or Heating up for improved accuracy. While all of those are amazing options, these perks are debatably the best: Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Tunnel Vision, and Kill Clip. All these perks boost this weapon’s already outrageous range into auto rifle territory. Additionally, Tunnel Vision essentially makes bullets magnetize to guardians’ heads when firing with Kill Clip lowering the bullets needed to kill. These four perks turn Shayura’s Wrath into a guardian killing monster.


Crownsplitter is an odd weapon. It’s exclusive to Titans and doesn’t swing as fast as a sword like Falling Guillotine or Bequest. However, this sword has been making waves for its absurd burst damage. A single light swing isn’t exciting but the heavy swing? The heavy attack is bonkers. Just a charged heavy attack is enough to leave some major and ultra enemies with a sliver of health or even outright kill them. A no-brainer perk selection includes Jagged Edge, Relentless Strikes, and Vorpal Weapon/Whirlwind Blade. Retrieve free ammo for hitting enemies and dish out high damage. Nothing can go wrong.

Hezen Vengeance

A good classic from Destiny 1 that still holds up. Found within the Vault of Glass raid, this rocket launcher has something no other rocket launcher has in this game: it can roll both a damage increasing perk and a magazine increasing perk. Vorpal Weapon and Impact Casing solidify this weapon as a boss killer, and Overflow further extends its damage capabilities with an extra rocket. Rocket launchers in this game either have something to increase its damage or its magazine size but never both at the same time. Unfortunately, Overflow only increases the magazine to two rockets but walking over a special or heavy ammo brick automatically refills it back to two. Theoretically, a player may fire all rockets in the reserve without reloading by just collecting ammo on the ground.

Preydeth’s Revenge

Another Vault of Glass weapon, Preydeth’s Revenge is a rapid-fire kinetic sniper with the highest potential for single target damage of its weapon type. The go-to perk roll for this weapon is Appended/Tactical/Extended Magazine, High-Impact Reserves, and Rewind Rounds. A large magazine with bullets that not only regenerate but also deal bonus damage as the magazine gets lower on top of the kinetic damage bonus is monstrous. This sniper is easily a top-tier option for dishing out damage in a short period of time.

Toil and Trouble

While not as nimble as its competition, Astral Horizon, Toil and Trouble is a shotgun most players never talk about. Sure, this shotgun can’t roll with Quickdraw, but it’s still an Aggressive Frame shotgun with a high range stat. Because Toil and Trouble is kinetic, it pairs well with Shayura’s Wrath or Gridskipper (not on this list). Full Bore, Accurized Round, Slideshot, and Autoloading Holster or Rampage make for a great combination. Want reliable follow-up kills? Go with Rampage. Want to have a shotgun that’s fully loaded and ready to swap to in a pinch? Autoloading is the answer. The best part is that this weapon drops from Vanguard tokens and the Gunsmith. No need to wait for a weekend of Trials for a chance to have the Astral Horizon drop at 3 wins. All players have to do is buy it!


Vouchsafe can roll with Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload. This scout is not the only one that can roll with Explosive Payload. Hung Jury, Nightwatch, and Madrugada SR2 can too. What makes these guns different is the element they fire. Vouchsafe is void, for instance, a rarer shield type. Vouchsafe is good in some activities because of this factor alone. Still, try to get each scout of each element with Explosive Payload. Players should try to cover all their bases in case they come across a scenario that demands a certain playstyle. The best rolls are not always a combination of reload and damage perks. Some guns are powerful based on their utility. Explosive Payload doesn’t sound very powerful, but it puts in work. A single perk can make or break a weapon.

Arctic Haze

Arctic Haze is… an unusual pick for this list. The weapon is not known for being a meta weapon at any level of play, so why is it here? Arctic Haze can roll with Genesis and Vorpal Weapon. Genesis refunds ammo directly to the magazine when shooting a shield of the matching element and automatically reloads the weapon when the shield is destroyed. This perk is very niche but has one massive benefit: Genesis works on anti-barrier champions. Vorpal Weapon also works on champions despite not technically being a boss (since Vorpal only boosts damage toward bosses). What players get is a primary that shreds shields and makes work of champions. In some cases, it performs better than other anti-barrier weapons this season.


Who sees this gun in the wild? Ever since the initial machine gun nerf to boss damage some time ago, Thunderlord has fallen off the radar. Thankfully, because of a buff coming to machine guns, Thunderlord may finally have a time to shine again. Lighting strikes on precision kills and on sustained hits carries a lot of damage potential. Thunderlord may serve as a good enemy clearing and boss melting powerhouse granted the patch gives it the love it needs. For those who don’t have this gun, start saving up Spoils of Conquest.


With Anarchy being nerfed in a future season, the next best option is Witherhoard. Both this gun and Anarchy are quite similar. Both are exotic weapons, both deal damage over time, both have good total damage output, both are grenade launchers, and both are life savers against enemy hoards and even bosses. They’re able to do many things, but Anarchy does everything too well. Witherhoard is not as strong as its cousin, but it has that same utility that Anarchy is provides. Plus, this gun can generate Warmind cells (through a glitch). Warmind cells will receive a nerf as well, but that ability is useful nevertheless.

This list doesn’t have every weapon. Some other good guns include the Gridskipper, Fatebringer, Commemoration, Vision of Confluence, and Uzume RR4 and their Adept counterparts. However, having the time to do whatever in Destiny before grinding out the next season’s context opens up time to think about various aspects about the game. In this case, the sandbox. New players should spend time working toward the more popular weapons like Ignition Code or Witherhoard to keep up with the crowd. Veterans should hunt down rolls of Arctic Haze to build up a vault full of weapons for each situation the game might throw at them. Who knows, those odd, quirky weapons that no one uses may be incredibly powerful and even fun to use.

How many of you have got some of the more unusual weapons on this list? What are some weapons you believe should have been on this list? Leave a comment below and share what you think! Remember to check out our YouTube channel and Twitter for more if you like what you read. Until next time, thank you for reading. Take care!

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