The Exponential Rise of Mobile Gaming

The Exponential Rise of Mobile Gaming

With the announcement of Rocket League Sideswipe, developer Psyonix hopes to give players access to a Rocket League title wherever they are. Joining other mobile titles such as Wild Rift and the upcoming Diablo Immortal, Sideswipe promises to be a fun alternative when players don’t have access to their main gaming setup. This type of game seeks to compliment the main title rather than replace. As smartphones grow more powerful it makes sense that developers are beginning to build experiences tailored for their unique strengths.

Back in 2019 with the announcement of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard promised a full Diablo game. Sharing the same satisfying ARPG gameplay but not requiring the massive time commitment. This suits the mobile platform as a 5 minute dungeon run is convenient for players everywhere. Perfect for office commutes but not enough to draw players away from Blizzard’s core games. A recent example, Wild Rift is a great 15-minute distraction for players wanting a league fix.

An in game screenshot of Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal looks to be a fun take on the classic formula suited to shorter sessions

Mobile Gaming is Becoming a Thing!

As vaccines rollout and an end to the pandemic seems in sight, it’s likely that many developers will attempt to copy this formula. Just a few days ago during Square Enix Presents, a new Hitman game was announced. Acting as a compliment to the main series,  this too will be a mobile alternative for times when you’re away from your main gaming space.

When creating a mobile app some developers have taken an alternative route. Instead of releasing a new game, they instead “miniaturise” and treat the smartphone platform as a dedicated gaming device. One of the earliest examples of this, PUBG, released in 2018 while mobile gaming titles were still in their infancy.

Three years on, the experiment has proven to be a success. Now the market is full of choices for players seeking a console like experience on their phone. COD Mobile was a surprise hit that has quickly taken over the scene, and there are a multitude of offerings for those looking to different genres.

An in game screenshot of COD Mobile

COD Mobile is a surprisingly tight game given the platforms restrictions

Capitalising on these successes some games have even begun to build an esports segment. One of the major advantages of mobile gaming is the significantly lower barrier for entry. Thanks to this it seems likely that events will draw audiences to rival even the biggest names.

As the saying goes: “a rising tide raises all ships” and a growing demand for esports content, mobile or otherwise will likely be a good influence for the entire scene. Larger audiences mean more money which often leads to legitimacy, something esports is beginning to grasp.

Big name developers are just beginning to get into mobile gaming, smartphones have long been a destination for classic gaming. It’ll likely be a while before other big titles such as the likes of GTA V make the jump, but it is possible to play most of the GTA series from your phone. Series such as KOTOR and Final Fantasy are also available for gamers who want to visit a classic. Joined by countless emulators, thousands of games are available for those willing to tinker a little.

Having such a large customer base is also a great draw for indie developers. From Bastion to Terraria, to Limbo, the mobile platform is a great destination for many smaller games. By gaining exposure to such a large audience a developer can quickly gain notoriety and build their brand.  

Even dedicated gaming phones are starting to catch on such as the ASUS Republic of Gamers (RoG) phone. If anything shows the success of mobile gaming it’s the countless products on offer to aid in the practice. As technology grows ever more powerful it seems only natural that the devices we use for everything else in our lives can also fill a gaming void.

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