Telltale Signs You’re Stuck in Gacha Hell

Telltale Signs You’re Stuck in Gacha Hell

You know them, you love and you hate them in equal measure, they’re Gacha games. This lovely time suck of a genre (although its status as its own genre is debatable) is often filled with beautiful women and handsome men (and handsome women and beautiful men).

I’m sure everyone has played a game with Gacha elements. If you’ve ever opened a loot box or Alpha Pack or whatever else games call them, that’s basically the same thing as Gacha. In the end Gacha is just a mechanic where you test your luck (so, it’s just gambling).

I play several Gacha games, my go to’s are Utano Princesama Shining Live and Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. I’ll also pick up IDOLiSH7 and BanG Dream! Girls Band Party if there’s a good event (I’m also idol trash but that’s an entirely different issue). However, my pool of Gacha games goes much deeper than those four. 

I will be referring to the highest tier items as URs (ultimate rare). I am aware this is not the case in all games and that some use stars to denote rarity or stop at SSR (super super rare) among other things.

But that’s enough about what I know, the real question is: are you an average Gacha roller or are you an avid Gacha roller?

1. You have more than one Gacha game

A games folder featuring a total of 9 gacha games

There is a total of nine (9) gacha games on my phone at the moment

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way, if you play more than one Gacha game you probably already know you’re stuck in Gacha hell without me telling you. You know the pain of trying to balance multiple events in multiple games, I understand this struggle all too well.

2. You’ve done the maths to see whether or not you can feasibly complete an event

A new event just started and you want, no, need that UR. Can you get it though? Do you have the time, the resources? There’s only one way to find out, do the maths. I’m sure your high school maths teachers would be proud of you. You need some pretty good calculator skills to figure this stuff out. Just the other day I had to do several addition, subtraction and multiplication equations to find out if I could get my UR.

3. You’ve set a timer/alarm for your game(s)

A notification for a gacha game, it says there's 47 more notifications

A weeks worth of notifications from Ayakashi

Honestly, I just obsessively check the games to see if they’re ready for me to come back, but those new to Gacha may need several reminders. It’s okay, we all had to start somewhere. (Bonus points if you just have notifications on instead).

4. You’ve made people wait for you while you finished a time sensitive task

Whether it’s grinding dailies or getting in as many plays as you can before an event ends, you’ve made someone wait. Family and friends are important, sure, but so is that time sensitive reward. After all, it probably won’t be back for a while, if ever, and you can’t waste a moment of your time. The humans can wait, you have virtual prizes to collect.

5. You’ve grinded for 5+ hours

Screen time data with a total of 45 hours spent on gacha games

Yes, I spent 45 hours playing Gacha games one week. And yes, that was a consecutive 7 hours on Utapri

Time to fess up, you know you’ve spent at least five hours doing everything you possibly can to earn more currency for rolls, you know you have. You need that UR or else you will cry, but you don’t want to spend any real money on the game. I once spent seven hours grinding out songs and stories in Utapri (totally worth it, I got my UR that day).

6. You tell your friends about the URs you want/events you’re grinding

If my boyfriend had a dime for every time I mentioned a UR I want he would be rich. You see, it isn’t enough for you to know what cards or characters you want, everyone has to know. The outsiders have to know exactly what event the UR comes from and the pull rate of it and what it looks like. Why? Because.

7. Pulling URs is one of the greatest joys in your life

An SSR and UR pull from Ayakashi and Utapri

Two high tier pulls from February events, the UR on the right is the one I spent 7 hours grinding for

Nothing gives a greater Serotonin boost than getting that sweet sweet UR to come home. You grinded and saved for those rolls, and you worked for this, you earned it, I’m happy for you.

8. You’ve rolled at least 100 times and didn’t get the UR you wanted

In contrast to the previous one, with great joy comes great pain. You’ve rolled and rolled and rolled but never got the UR. It’s tedious, all that hard work wasted. It happened to me last summer, Summer Heat Vibes Ren (Utapri) never came home and I was ready to throw my phone out the window

9. You have a best boy or girl (or both) and you need every UR for that character

A screen featuring 5 URs and various SRs all for one character

I’m honestly upset by how few Ren URs I have

I know some games operate on a character pull system (like Genshin Impact) rather than offering multiple URs of individual characters. But if you play a game where characters have multiple URs (like most, if not all rhythm/idol games) then you know exactly what I mean. Even if you don’t like the UR it’s a pride thing to collect them all, after all, they’re your favourite character.

10. You’ve woken up really early/slept very late just for an event/task

This point comes into play when the game you’re playing runs in a different time zone than you. You think I want to get up at 7 in the morning to play the Sky Showdown in Food Fantasy? No way. But Gacha players are tough, we make sacrifices for the greater good.

11. You’ve been torn between event draws

Epic Seven event draw page featuring two event draws

Two event draws featuring two gorgeous characters

Sometimes games have good event draws too close together. You’ve been saving in preparation for one, but what’s this? Another fantastic event or draw is going to come in right after, or worse at the same time. You have to pick which one you want to pull from more, or maybe you hope to get lucky and obtain both event URs. I have no solution for this problem, I face it to this day.

Bonus: Mudae Bot

This one isn’t really a game but, hear me out. If you have Mudae in at least one Discord server you probably know when the roll and claim resets are. You probably have collected hundreds of characters by now. And you probably have a Gacha induced gambling addiction.

If you felt called out by everything on this list, congrats! You’re already stuck in Gacha hell with me. If you only felt called out by some things, you’re not here, not yet. But I wait for you with open arms. I understand your dedication to fictional characters and the energy you spend grinding. I pray to the Gacha gods that all your URs come home, good luck!

We hope you enjoyed these telltale signs you’re in Gacha hell, and thank you for joining us a Gamer’s Waypoint! Make sure to check out our Twitter page and YouTube channel. Do you play Gacha games? Let us know in the comments below.

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