Stardew Valley Bachelors Ranked From Worst to Best

Stardew Valley Bachelors Ranked From Worst to Best

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and RPG developed by ConcernedApe. The player can befriend everyone in the town, but more importantly, there are 12 romanceable characters! There are six bachelors, and six bachelorettes. This list looks at the bachelors and ranks them based on their storylines, character depth and development. This has spoilers, proceed at your own risk!

6. Elliott

Image of Elliott


Elliott is an author who moved to Pelican Town to spur on his inspiration. He’s a dreamer, but unfortunately he lacks depth as a character. The player knows very little about his backstory, and what is known is pretty basic. 

He is never particularly vulnerable around the player making most of his scenes feel like light small talk. In addition to that most of his scenes are focused on his book making him very two dimensional. Granted he is shown to have self-doubt about his skills as a writer, it’s not enough to make up for his lack of depth.

In general, from beginning to end he is mostly focused on his book and this causes the relationship with the player to feel a lot more abrupt than others.

Although he is my favourite I’m not too proud to admit he’s pretty basic and I just like that he has long hair and plays piano.

5. Harvey

Image of Harvey


Harvey is Pelican Town’s local doctor. He’s a nerd with a love for planes. Once again, little is known about his backstory. He does have moments of vulnerability though, especially in his 10 heart scene. He is truly terrified of heights, but tries to get over it to go on a balloon ride with the player. 

His scenes with the player consists of a lot of shorter interactions, making relationship build up feel a little sudden. He is less one note, but still lacks the depth that bachelors higher on this list have.

I find him quite dull, and was pretty torn between him or Elliott in last, but Harvey is shown to have a few more interests than Elliot.

4. Sam

Image of Sam


Sam is a cheerful and caring older brother, with a bit of a rebellious streak. There is quite a jump in depth between the 5th and 4th place spots. 

The player learns Sam’s father is off fighting a losing war. He has a solid goal of starting a band with Sebastian, and when it succeeds he thanks the player at his live performance. 

The storyline is marginally better than Harvey’s in terms of relationship development, and his 14 heart scene shows a lot of character development. After getting a job on a kids tv show he finds it’s not bad, and that he enjoys making the kids smile.

In all honesty, he has one of my favourite 10 heart scenes because I think it’s funny and silly, his 14 heart is also one of the more meaningful ones.

3. Sebastian

Image of Sebastian


Sebastian is the local bad boy. Though he isn’t bad, he is the edgiest person in Pelican Town, which isn’t hard.

He’s a programmer that loves to ride his motorcycle to the outskirts of town. Although his backstory is far less tragic than Sam’s, the overall pacing of his storyline is better. He starts as a pretty closed off character, opening up as the player plays his story. 

The settings of Sebastian’s scenes are some of the best for a romance. His 8 heart is on the docks in the rain, a classic romance trope. Meanwhile his 10 heart takes the player out to his favourite spot, undeniably a romantic location.

Sebby is my second favourite, I’m a sucker for the “bad boy” and he’s no exception. Although, I don’t understand the point of his 14 heart scene.

2. Alex

Image of Alex


Alex is an arrogant jock with deep insecurities. Not only does he have a tragic backstory, he has the most tragic backstory. His father was a useless, verbally abusive man, shortly after he left Alex’s mother died. 

He is rude to the player at first, coming across as incredibly cocky. As the player goes through his storyline he’s shown to be insecure and needs reassurance.

The player experiences a meaningful moment at the beach with him in his 8 heart scene. In the end he tells the player he always liked them, and it shows throughout his storyline.

I ended up liking him a lot more than I thought I would, and I always enjoy a good old “he’s just misunderstood” character.

1. Shane

Image of Shane


Shane is a depressed, anxious and closed off man. He relies on alcohol to feel better, and is very rude at the beginning. 

His story is quite sad, he feels like no one cares and that he has little value as a human. He wants to do something different, but feels stuck in his dead end Joja job. As the player explores his storyline they watch Shane recover, in part due to them. He becomes very thankful of the player. 

The character and relationship development is far better than most other bachelors, and that includes his 14 heart scene. It deals with trust issues and shows a strengthened relationship between him and the player. It also shows how far he has come from when the player first met him.

I was fuming when I rewatched Shane’s events. I really don’t like Shane, but his story filled all of the criteria granting him first.

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