Stardew Valley Bachelorettes Ranked From Worst to Best

Stardew Valley Bachelorettes Ranked From Worst to Best

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and RPG developed by ConcernedApe. The player can befriend everyone in the town, but more importantly, there are 12 romanceable characters! There are six bachelors, and six bachelorettes. This list looks at the bachelorettes and ranks them based on their storylines, character depth and development. This has spoilers, proceed at your own risk!

6. Emily

Emily's portrait


Emily is the local hippie, that’s probably the most accurate word. She loves animals, and her events are very colourful, to say the least. She is a warm person and cares about her fellow townies. But, Emily’s story just doesn’t make sense. Several of her heart events the player isn’t even present for. And when the player is, they barely speak to her. 

She lacks any backstory or character depth, of course, that’s hard to tell when the player is barely present to learn about her. Her first scene she dreams about the player, and the second she finds a bird crashed into her window. The problem is that her story doesn’t allude to a friendship, let alone a romance. It’s just all of a sudden that the player and her are camping together and end up sharing a sleeping bag. 

I think her story is fun and silly, but it just doesn’t make sense from a romance standpoint. I’m pretty neutral on Emily as a character, but I didn’t love her storyline.

5. Abigail

Abigail's portrait


Abigail, the essential goth gf. She’s a gamer with a secret desire to explore. The player finds out her father is stuck in the past, he just wants her to be at home cooking and whatnot. She is open and friendly to the player from the get go. The flow of her story is much better than Emily’s.

Abigail doesn’t really have a known backstory. The player learns that she wants to venture into the caves, and that’s why she practices swordsmanship. Upon trying to do so she gets startled by bats and the player finds her cowering at the caves entrance. Her 14 heart scene shows a lot of character growth as she saves the player from a monster attack.

Please don’t crucify me for this, I know Abigail is a crowd favourite. I do like her and I think her story is cute and fun, she just lacks depth.

4. Haley

Haley's portrait


Haley is incredibly rude to the player at first. She’s cold and dismissive, but she warms up to the player as they help her with various tasks. She has a bit more depth than the last two, granted as a whole she is still pretty shallow. There is a very sweet scene where the player finds a bracelet that belonged to her grandmother for her.

She has some really good character development. It becomes obvious when she asks the player to help her with photos on Marnie’s farm. She falls off the cow but has fun and laughs it off rather than throwing a fit. Her 14 heart scene is also testament to her character growth. She raises money for the kids to buy new school books.

I ended up liking Haley more than I thought I would. I like watching selfish characters grow into more considerate ones. Appearance wise she is one of my favourites, and my affinity for blondes has nothing to do with that… at all.

3. Penny

Penny's portrait


Penny is a soft spoken and kind teacher in Pelican Town. She’s a very shy character, but she has a good heart and warms up to the player. She has family issues, which the player learns about while helping her clean her trailer. The player finds out her mother spends most of her time at the saloon, and it impacts Penny a lot.

She has an apparent love for children and cooking. She is given depth through her strained relationship, although she still lacks a backstory. Her 14 heart scene is sweet, but it doesn’t really add much to her character.

I love Penny, she is my second favourite. I feel for her and she’s just so sweet it’s hard not to love her.

2. Maru

Maru's portrait


Maru is a scientist just like her father. She splits her time between the hospital as a nurse and at home working on her projects, and does very little in between. She can come across as closed off due to this, but she’s not rude. Very early on the player has a stargazing moment with her, where Maru almost admits feelings.

She is shown to be concerned about her family when she leaves because she tries to create a robot to take her place. It backfires, but her father tells her not to worry, and that they’ll be okay without her around to help out. Her 14 heart scene is my favourite one. It’s another stargazing moment, but there she tells you about her near confession in her previous scene.

I thought I would hate Maru, I really did. When I first started playing anytime I spoke to her she was just so cold, but she’s actually not bad. I think her concern for her family when she leaves is a relatable feeling, which I liked.

1. Leah

Leah's portrait


Leah is the town’s resident artist. She is the bachelorette with the most developed backstory. Her’s is interesting because it is the only one in the game that mentions a past flame. She moved to Pelican Town for inspiration, and to get away from her unsupportive ex. She loves her art, but she’s unsure of herself. When the player suggests that she do an art show she’s very hesitant.

She does end up doing the art show and is very thankful towards the player for their support. Her ex comes back for her 10 heart scene, but only because she’s successful. The pacing of Leah’s story is well done and doesn’t feel thrown together. Her 14 heart scene is cute, it doesn’t add much to her character, but she shares her passion with the player as she teaches them to paint.

Leah is my favourite, but not because she shares my name. I love that she’s artsy and I like that she has depth. She has a past and she has goals. I also adore her appearance, for a pixelated character I think she’s quite pretty.

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