Retro Gaming Trivia! – 10 Random Retro Video Game Facts!

Retro Gaming Trivia! – 10 Random Retro Video Game Facts!

Video games have certainly evolved a lot since the first generation of gaming. Of course that doesn’t mean the newer games are better. Some… In fact, most of my personal favourites belong to what I would call the retro gaming generation

  1. The most prolific retro game isn’t Mario or Sonic. It is in fact, Megaman.
  2. Capcom’s original Mascot was called Captain Commando (CAPtain COMmando) who first appeared in the game ‘Section Z’ (1985).
  3. Veronaville (the Sims 2 neighbourhood) was based off Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
  4. The first video game to feature a boss battle was Galaxian in 1979.
  5. ‘Croc: Legend of the Gobbos’ was originally made to be a Mario game starring Yoshi!
  6. Originally the backstory of Rayman was that he was a 10 year old boy named Jimmy who gets sucked into a videogame.
  7. The characters of TV shows Red Dwarf and Blake’s 7 share names with some of Sim City 2000’s cities.
  8. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are the spiritual successors of the game ‘King’s Field’.
  9. The first video game to be played in space was Tetris.
  10. The first game Bethesda ever released was American football sim ‘Gridiron’.

Bonus fact. Did you know that the first game in the renowned Red Dead series was published by Capcom!?

If you’re a fan of retro games you probably knew of the all time greats… But how many of the 10 above facts did you know? Let us know in the comments section and why not test your friends?

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Source: PlayStation Official Magazine 162 (UK)

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