Superliminal Is Getting A Physical Release on Switch

Mind-bending puzzler Superliminal is getting a limited physical release on Nintendo Switch next week. This release will be from British games publisher Super Rare Games.

Two Point Hospital 2 – Two Point Campus Leaked!

Two Point Studios, the geniuses that brought us Two Point Hospital look to be preparing to announce a new game! This time in the form

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: The One with Identity Crisis

London, 1868. From the bridges spanning the Thames to the gardens surrounding Buckingham Palace, the city is already under well-established Templar control; unsurprisingly, twin Assassins

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The Exponential Rise of Mobile Gaming

With the announcement of Rocket League Sideswipe, developer Psyonix hopes to give players access to a Rocket League title wherever they are. Joining other mobile

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Risk of Rain 2: A Happy & Action-Packed 2 Years

  Risk of Rain 2 celebrates its two-year anniversary. What is Risk of Rain 2, and is it worth jumping into now? What is Risk

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Taking a look back at Skyrim VR

Treading through a dungeon, I hear a creature stirring behind me. Spinning around, I ready my axe and come face to face with a group

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Bioware unveils two new trailers at the Game Awards 2020

During this year’s game awards Bioware unveiled two new trailers for their highly anticipated IP’s: Dragon Age & Mass Effect. Fans have been eagerly anticipating

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TrickShot Interview: Developer Answers Our Burning Questions

Recently I had the opportunity to interview developer Meddling Kids, who’re working on TrickShot, an interesting new multiplayer game. TrickShot, set to release next year,

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Oculus Quest 2 vs Quest, a comparison of standalone VR hardware

Two weeks ago, Facebook released the Oculus Quest 2. The follow up to their incredibly popular Quest, a device that was sold out for much

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Call of Duty 2020 (Black Ops: Cold War) FINALLY Has a Trailer!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War If you follow Call of Duty in any sort of way you know how it works. Like most

Assemble’s Endzone: A World Apart Partners with One Tree Planted to Help Plant Trees

In Assemble’s Endzone: A World Apart, players build magnificent empires from the rubble of our collapsed civilization. A world ravaged by nuclear fallout forces players

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