Mario and Master Chief Get Turned into Pokèmon Cards!

Mario and Master Chief Get Turned into Pokèmon Cards!

At Gamer’s Waypoint we love gaming of all kinds. Video games, trading card games, board games you name it and we like it! Not only do we advocate all types of gaming, we also love to see gaming art and memorabilia and aim to showcase the wonderful pieces that fans and players make. And so, that’s exactly what we are going to do!

The likes of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokèmon trading cards have been around since 1996, but in the last year or so have increased in popularity again. The new generation of kids are getting back into trading cards and making the rest of us feel nostalgic! Well, what is a great way for us to re-live our childhoods? Yes I know we can just go buy packs of cards (and do), but another way is to create brand new ones with characters we have encountered from a range of games since, not just the ones with cutesy, yet deadly fictional animals. 

And so without further ado I introduce you to George Townsend, a Master’s student currently studying Digital Media (who is not related to me before you ask). 

For a project he decided to encapsulate some gaming favourites in trading cards, I asked George to write a little bit about his idea for the cards, so let’s have a look shall we?

“Let’sa Gooooo!”

“The “Tag Team” series of Pokèmon cards allowed me to explore iconic duos in video games, and obviously Mario and Luigi were the first to come to mind. I was excited to do Master Chief and Cortana as Halo 3 is one of my all-time favourite games. The Halo card was taken to the next level by Isaac Hanneford’s insane artwork, amazing stuff.”

Deviant Legends

“Some of the images were from Deviant Art (each artist is credited on the card), others were directly taken from the video game. On these cards, the image was very important as it had to capture the personality of the character. A card that did this particularly well was Trevor’s which really captures his violent disposition in my opinion.”

Mining for Types

“The types of moves of the video game “Pokèmon” were also chosen to reflect their personality. For example, Steve from Minecraft is a grass type due to his association with nature, and the move named “Diamond Strike” is based on the weapon hierarchy in the game, with diamond weapons being the most powerful.”

Go for the Hat Trick

“One element about the Octane card that I liked was the Japanese writing on the car, as Pokèmon cards were conceived in Japan and to this day demonstrate many Japanese aesthetic qualities.”

It’s Scorpi-On!

“Scorpion’s card came out really well in my opinion – the fire licking at the bottom of the card, the iconic quotes from the game e.g “fatality” and “get over here”, the image. It all came together to really encompass him in a card, not to mention it just looks really badass.”

The Project Aim

“The aim of this project was to explore the combination of digital and analogue forms of game media into one artefact – video game characters in a trending card game format. The project blurs the lines between these two concepts of digital and analogue which are often seen as a dichotomy.”

“Pokèmon cards are made up of different fonts, layouts, textual elements, style of images, symbols etc. which come together to create a particular aesthetic. Although this format is old, the aesthetic is actually more relevant than ever as Pokèmon: the Trading Card Game is having a resurgence in popularity at the moment with content creators like Logan Paul, and mainstream musicians like Logic and Steve Aoki spending large amounts of money on them and bringing attention to the game. This has led people to find this format to have nostalgic value, people really seem to find it cool so I decided to make these to experiment with it. People on Reddit seemed to really like it so I would consider it a success!”

“Anyway, thanks for checking out my project and I’d love to know what you think! Send me a DM on Instagram (@georges_content) and follow my account for more! I’ve done some hip-hop themed ones recently which you may find cool.”

So there you have it! Would you trade and battle with these cards? We know we would! Do let know George know how he did, and give him a follow to keep up-to-date.

Thank you for joining us at Gamer’s Waypoint! Make sure to check out the Gamer’s Waypoint Twitter Page! Looking for more great content? Then check out our piece on what’s on the wish list for the next Mass Effect!

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