League of Legends: Wild Rift, A Mobile Game Unlike Any Other

League of Legends: Wild Rift, A Mobile Game Unlike Any Other

When Riot Games announced Wild Rift, fans of the incredibly popular MOBA League of Legends were shocked. League is known for its skilful plays and flashy mechanics, two elements that wouldn’t normally translate to mobile devices. Riot was bold in their aspirations, setting lofty targets of having a comprehensive league experience on mobile.

One year, and several delays later, Wild Rift is available to play in most regions, with a US launch planned for March. Containing 55 champions from across the League roster, there’s sure to be something for newcomers and returning fans alike.

Porting a mechanically complex PC game to a touch screen is no easy feat but Riot Games seem to have accomplished it. The game uses twin stick controls to move champions and target abilities, a system that works surprisingly well. Thanks to the simplicity it’s relatively easy to get used to after just a few minutes.

An in game screenshot of Wild Rift showing how abilities are aimed

Moving and aiming uses twin stick controls that still allows for skill expression

Likewise, there is a good balance of difficulty in the champions available to play. Riot have done an excellent job of capturing the fast-paced essence of league gameplay and skill still matters, as with any PvP focused game. For those less excited by split second reactions there are simpler heroes available.

Matches normally take around 15 -20 minutes, with strategy having a meaningful impact on how they play out. One of the reasons as to how LoL has been so impactful for so long is the sheer number of different ways things can play out from game to game. This is well-represented in Wild Rift as champions all feel unique, if not necessarily strong.

A screenshot of the Wild Rift champion select

League’s roster is well represented with 55 champions of varying difficulty and roles

Balance is still a bit hit or miss, a few champions do feel significantly stronger than others. Given that Wild Rift has only been available for a few months this isn’t a big deal, and the game has launched with a good foundation to build on.

Regular adjustments and updates are planned for the future. New champions and even some game modes are expected to make the jump from the PC experience. In a recent stream, Riot Games announced they have future plans and so long-term support is expected.

Due to the nature of mobile games, Wild Rift can begin to feel stale sooner than its PC counterpart. The smaller roster of champions means there’s less diversity in each of the roles, but over time this problem will lessen as more champions are ported across.

Champions feel unique and there’s bound to be something for everyone

Keeping that in mind matches are still a blast to play. Champions have meaningful skill expression and it’s very rewarding to slowly gain experience with specific heroes. Players will feel satisfied coming back to the game again and again even after a few months.

Wild Rift won’t be replacing League desktop anytime soon, but as a fun 15-minute distraction it excels. Whether traveling on your commute or relaxing at home, Wild Rift promises to deliver an entertaining experience for a long time to come. Even for newcomers, simplified controls and a lower barrier for entry will likely get players hooked.

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