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Papers, Please: a critical view at border policies through a dystopian lens

I have come across no game that captures the spirit of immigration on the ground-level like Papers, Please does. While stamping entry visas on passports

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Martha is Dead Story Analysis

Despite my vocal objections to the overall gaming experience that is Martha is Dead, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for the

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Martha is Dead – gorgeous visuals a good game do not make

Martha is dead, and so is my capacity to game for a while. Now those are harsh words to start off my first review in

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P.T., Purgatory and Forgiveness in Visage: A Story Analysis

Visage is a terrifying, and painstakingly detailed, first-person psychological horror game that was an absolute delight (not literally) to play. If you haven’t checked out

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Visage Review – Pushing the Boundaries of Horror in Video Games

If there’s one thing that I’m skilled at – where I don’t have to give it a second’s thought before doing it – it is

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Short Story Rich Games to Fit in During Your Exams: Part 2

Stuck in a busy work schedule, wishing you could play as many games as you used to? Find yourself thinking why the hell do they

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DOOM 64 Review

It’s a good time to be a DOOM fan. Whether you’re enjoying the series’ most recent entry, Eternal, its two DLC expansions, the new Doom

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Parallel Universe Gaming: The 7th-Gen PSP Ports We Never Got

The PSP was a weird console. Underappreciated in its time, it bridged the gap between Sony’s goliath PS2 and its infamously late-blooming PS3. This meant

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Wildermyth Review: Tradition Meets the New Generation of Creators

Wildermyth gives you control of a party of heroes as they fight against dangerous enemy factions. Instead of taking control of one protagonist, you see

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Soham’s Selects: The Best Games to Fit in During Exams | April 2021

As the days grow shorter and classes stride on unflinchingly, short games have become my saviours. As enticing as it is to start with the

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A New Generation of Deck Building Games in Early Access

A new generation of deck building games have arrived in Early Access, bringing innovation to the modern genre. Deck building games are of a style

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Kentucky Route Zero: A Master-class in Subversive Video Games

During my journey as a gamer, I have come across a variety of games. Some pride themselves on their straightforward stories, some are slow to

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Summerland – in Which You Do Wrong (For All the Right Reasons)

After three days of being unable to find the right words to begin this piece, I heave a sigh of relief as I finally start

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Outer Wilds: A Voyage Alone, Together with my Partner

One of the joys of gaming is sharing stories with other players. Still, games like Outer Wilds let you share those stories as they happen.

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Review

Most Wanted 2012: Halfway To Paradise I love a good racing game. Especially an open-world one. Collecting a wide variety of cool cars and aimlessly

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The Sopranos: Road to Respect (PS2) Review

‘Wait, HBO has an Interactive Entertainment division?’ I exclaimed out loud – to no one in particular – as The Sopranos game booted up. I

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Retro Gaming Trivia! – 10 Random Retro Video Game Facts!

Video games have certainly evolved a lot since the first generation of gaming. Of course that doesn’t mean the newer games are better. Some… In

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Top 10 Worst Video Game Accessories Of All Time

Recently, there hasn’t been as much to complain about within the video game world of accessories. The most prominent addition to the gaming world right

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Worst Games of All Time – Sega Consoles

Worst games for Sega? You got it! Sega was once a major player in the video game console market. In fact, the Sega Mega Drive

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Impressive Indies Vol. I: Dan vs. Over 1000 Games

Indie Games. There sure are a lot of them around these days. Let’s see what happens if you play over a thousand of them. Hello!

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