Call of Duty 2020 (Black Ops: Cold War) FINALLY Has a Trailer!!!

Call of Duty 2020 (Black Ops: Cold War) FINALLY Has a Trailer!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

If you follow Call of Duty in any sort of way you know how it works. Like most games, the COD series isn’t made by just one developer but two separate teams that take turns to make installments. The current installment, Modern Warfare, is made by Infinity Ward. Modern Warfare is the highest played Call of Duty for a long time, bringing back millions of players. MW grossed $600 million in the first three days! The real thing that everyone is playing however, is a little mode called Warzone, you may have heard of it. Warzone came out 7 months after the initial release and took the battle royal genre by storm. With 60 million active players Warzone is currently the most popular battle royale mode… Ever! But now MW has been with us for almost a year and this has people asking, where is the next Call of Duty?…

Usually, Call of Duty will release a trailer in June to build hype for the next game but Treyarch are a little late… Well, they were…. 

The Trailer

This teaser trailer was released after a week-long scavenger hunt in the Warzone game mode and other random websites alike. Every day leading to the reveal has a new cipher to solve. But first, we have to mention the incredible effort to solve this by the COD zombies community. As you may know, there is a massively popular side mode in COD called zombies that spawned an online community separate from multiplayer…  I digress, after each cipher was solved the website pawn takes pawn was updated with a trailer. The trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The global reveal is due August 26th so mark your calendars now because this looks like it’s going to be a good one!

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