Bioware unveils two new trailers at the Game Awards 2020

Bioware unveils two new trailers at the Game Awards 2020

During this year’s game awards Bioware unveiled two new trailers for their highly anticipated IP’s: Dragon Age & Mass Effect. Fans have been eagerly anticipating news about the two series’, and while details were scarce, some important information can still be gleaned.

Bioware has been slowly teasing Dragon Age content for two years, has officially announced it during 2018’s Game Awards. Since then, there has been very little news with EA only releasing short teasers. This year was very different, with the game receiving a full trailer full of tiny details for eagle eyed viewers. Members of the Dragon Age community have long expected the 4th instalment to be set in Tevinter and this has seemingly been confirmed.

Fans have long since speculated that Tevinter would be the next games destination | Source:


Thanks to the ever-charming Varric, we also have details about the game’s protagonist. “It’s time for a new Hero” implies that the series tradition of having a new player character for each game is being carried on. The end of the cinematic also sees the return of Solas, likely the main antagonist. The game will pick up after the events of Dragon Age Inquisition’s fantastic trespasser DLC. Based on that cliffhanger DA4 looks to be an exciting continuation of the fantasy series.

A shot of Solas from the new Dragon Age 4 trailer

Solas is making a return in his new role as the antagonist | Source:


No release date was given, and EA has previously stated during an earnings call that Dragon Age 4 would be released after 2022’s fiscal year. This means that the earliest release date would be April 2022. EA will likely want to wait for a winter release window in time for the holidays. No gameplay details were given in the trailer, unfortunately. The game will likely carry on the series’ well-known party-based 3rd person combat.

A new Mass Effect

When Mass Effect Andromeda released to disastrous reviews, fans were left wondering about the state of the franchise. EA reportedly put the series “on ice” due to the negative reaction surrounding MEA. This left the community wondering if a sequel would carry on the Andromeda storyline.

A destroyed mass relay from the newest Mass Effect trailer

Bioware shows off a Mass Relay hinting at a return to the original trilogy’s setting | Source:


While details were thin, the trailer has answered many burning questions. The first of these being that the series seems to be returning to the Normandy Crew and the aftermath of the Reaper war. EA was clearly not happy with the performance of MEA and have decided to ditch the storyline, perhaps saving it for later?

Dropping hints throughout the short teaser, many signs are pointing towards a continuation of the Shepard arc. Towards the end of the trailer, fan favourite character Liara is shown holding an N7 badge, two signs heavily implying a possible Shepard return.

A screenshot from the newest Mass Effect showing Liara T'Soni

A glimpse of Liara and other squamates can be spotted at the end of the trailer | Source:


As Dragon Age 4 isn’t releasing until at least 2022, the next Mass Effect will be even further off. Both of these games could also be having turbulent dev cycles that would delay them even further. With both Bioware’s general manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age 4 executive producer Mark Darrah leaving the studio in recent weeks. EA has assured fans that development of the titles will not be impeded, but there is likely to be some knock on effect from these losses. Only time will tell if Bioware can return form for what will two of their most anticipated games.

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